PALSCON CSR: Fund Drive for Typhoon “Odette” Victims

February 04, 2022

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PALSCON CSR: Fund Drive for Typhoon “Odette” Victims

PALSCON responded quickly to the needs of brothers and sisters in Cebu City covering the towns of Ibo and Lapu-lapu as our very own PALSCON Region 7 President Grace Iligan of Cebu General Services, Inc. with her team spearheaded the distribution of food, water and other basic needs. Second round of distribution was done after a week covering towns of Cebu City namely Ronda and Carcar.

The generosity of PALSCON members nationwide was overflowing and cash generated reached to nearly 500k pesos. This move was initiated by our members from Region 4 headed by Regin Suarez and Ray Alfredo.

This fund drive is part of PALSCON’s Annual CSR which aims to help our countrymen in need most especially sick and abused women and children and also our Filipino workers.

PALSCON CSR and fund drive is an all year round activity to ensure its alignment with the association’s objectives.


Cebu General Services Honcho and Team

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Distribution of water, food and basic goods to the different towns of Cebu City

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