Organizational Profile

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PALSCON, is an association of legitimate local service contractors organized primarily to further the cause of the government and labor sectors by providing employment via sub-contracting activities geared towards the upliftment of labor standards of the country.

Our Goal

PALSCON’s goal is to professionalize the service contracting industry in the country in order to realize our mutual aspiration of a sustained and genuine economic progress that is felt and enjoyed by the entire Filipino citizenry.

What We Do

Presently, our member companies extensively generate much needed job opportunities and with over a million workers collectively employed, all legitimately contributing to our economy’s productivity and manifestly reducing unemployment, we are continuously encouraged and committed in helping propel our country forward.

RA 10667 Compliance

PALSCON does not support, tolerate, or condone anti-competitive practices between and among its Members. PALSCON Members shall not propose or support agreements, conduct, policies or regulations which are anti-competitive in nature.