How to Join



REGULAR MEMBER- to qualify as a regular member, one must actually and directly engage in independent contracting business and duly registered with and licensed as an independent contractor by the DOLE. As a regular member, he/she/ it assessed an annual dues and is entitled to vote at all the membership meetings, except when the member fails to pay his/her/its annual dues for the current year. 


Associate - to qualify as an associate member, whether an individual, corporation or sole proprietor, one need not be actually engaged as a duly licensed and registered with the DOLE as an independent contractor. The entity must file an application for membership and must agree to pay an annual membership fee. As an associate member, the entity shall not be entitled to vote. 


Affiliate -   to qualify as an affiliate member, the entity must be duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as an organization or association, and need not be engaged in independent contracting business. It must file an application for membership and agree to pay an annual dues. 


Honorary -  the board of directors may confer upon a person honorary membership of the association based on his/her actual achievement to promote the independent contracting industry and other qualifications which the board may deem proper. 


•The applicant firm fully complies with all labor and social laws.

•The applicant firm’s President/CEO commits to support the activities of PALSCON either through his direct participation or through his duly designated representative/s. 

•The applicant firm shall designate a Regular and an Alternate Representative to PALSCON with the following qualifications:

1.The Regular Representative must be a senior / responsible official, executive, or manager of the company, preferably a decision maker Alternate Representative must at least occupy a supervisory or managerial position.

2.The designated representatives should have impeccable integrity and strong adherence to the practice of professional business ethics.



•Fully accomplished PALSCON online membership application form

Upload the following: 


•Business Permit

•D.O. 18-A

•BIR Certificate of Registration

•SSS Certificate of Registration

•Philhealth Certificate of Registration

•Pag-IBIG Certificate of Registration

•Company Logo




•Fill-out PALSCON membership application online at, click the Join PALSCON Today (upper right side), upload the required documents.

•The Professional Staff will review and validate submitted requirements prior to endorsement to the PALSCON Membership.

•The Membership Committee evaluates and processes the application and attached documents. 

•The Membership Committee recommends the approval or disapproval of the application to the PALSCON Board of directors.

•Once the application is approved, the system will send an email with your username & password.

•Below are additional requirements before the Certificate of Membership will be awarded:

1.Remittance of P10,000.00 annual membership fee . The annual membership fee is pro-rated for the new members based on the quarter the application is approved.

2.Attendance in the formal Induction Ceremonies.


Note: Processing of membership application starts after submission of COMPLETE requirements. Applicant firms will be notified of the status of their application.



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